We offer in-house Trainings which are individually suited to your needs, all our trainings have a strong focus on the practical usage aswell deliver theoretical backgrounds.

Training Examples

These are some Trainings we already held

PHP and MySQL Basics

20 Days cource for beginners in PHP and MySQL with media of graphics background. Has been holded for official education providers in corporation with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

Object Oriended Development

2 days approved course with examples from Java, C#, PHP and the real world learn all basic of object oriented softwaredevelopment and design from what is a class and an object to the liskov substitution principle. This course has been held for a big german insurrance company bringing people with Mainframe knowledge into the OOP world

MySQL Performance for Development

How to write performant querys and make a performance Database Design. 2 Day course and workshop for a software company having performance issues, with working on their real live problems.
All Trainings are offered in English or German language. There is also an option to hold some parts of the training in Dutch.

Education Providers

Education Providers are welcome to book us for Public Trainings